10 Pounds Makes A Difference

My doctor appointment yesterday went really well.  I was still pretty nervous/anxious and had discussed it with my PT early yesterday morning.  I guess I feel quite comfortable with her because I started tearing up.  She was very supportive and encouraging.  She explained that she tries to keep her activity at the forefront of her mind and if she ends up not getting it done as planned to at least get something.  We ended our PT session with “don’t be so hard on yourself.”  I’ve heard that before.

Yesterday must have been an emotional day because I cried again when the RN and I were talking about Grandma A’s medical history.  I think since her birthday was the 5th I was extra emotional.  I felt bad for the poor gal.  Hey, being a woman sometimes isn’t very fun.

The doctor, who is quite easy on the eyes, was really nice.  We discussed all the test results and he suggested a new endocrinologist.  We went over my cholesterol results.  I’ve noticed a difference in my numbers at every 10 pound gain interval.  I wasn’t checking my cholesterol much as I went down the scale but I’ve been checking it every year and I can see a difference.  The interesting thing is while my LDL, bad cholesterol, increases my triglycerides have decreased.  My LDL often runs high.  I am happy to see my triglycerides have improved so much.  I also am still rocking the HDL, despite it decreasing a bit from last year.

I wish I could pin point what I am eating to help the number improve.  I’m pretty sure I know what I’m eating to cause the numbers to not improve.  So, focusing on the latter is where my focus needs to be!

The doctor didn’t hound me about my weight.  I think he could tell that I was already being pretty hard on myself.  I like that he understands where I am at but also encourages me to make better choices.  He gave me some exercise ideas for the gym and suggests foam rolling to help with my back pain.  I’ll discuss that with the PT.

2015: weight is around 200

Total Cholesterol: 204
Triglycerides: 39
HDL: 49
LDL: 147


2014: weight is around 185

Total Cholesterol: 200
Triglycerides: 77
HDL: 57
LDL: 128


2013: weight is around 175

Total Cholesterol: 176
Triglycerides: 64
HDL: 50.3
LDL: 113


Pre-WW results from 2006:

Total Cholesterol: 247
Triglycerides: 108
HDL: 38
LDL: 187

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