Foodie Weekend: Part Two

I last left off with my Saturday activities.  The food continues!!! It was a really great weekend.

Sunday I met Rebecca for breakfast at Goldy’s downtown.  It was also a downtown weekend.  I have never been to Goldy’s and I hear they fill up fast.  It is a tiny restaurant so I can see why.  We decided to share a meal and split a breakfast burrito.  I’ve never had black beans inside my breakfast burrito so we went for that.  It was really good and just the perfect amount.


I hear they have amazing cinnamon rolls and as tempting as it was, I had Rebecca there to talk me down from the ledge.  I’ll have to go back to try the cinnamon roll…but I’ll be getting there early!

I did some shopping at the mall and then met Janet for a movie.  We love Melissa McCarthy and had both not yet seen The Spy.  It was funny but a bit on the gross side with the death/blood scenes.  We laughed a lot.  We also ate a lot of popcorn.  Janet is always amazed that the two of us can eat a large bucket of popcorn as quickly as we do.  I’m not amazed.  I like popcorn.


My final event of the weekend was a meet up with Phoenix for celebratory margaritas for my new job.  We made it a double date and her husband Mike and Kenyon joined us.  I’d had a pretty indulgent weekend and as much as I love chips, queso, and black bean dip at On The Border I knew I needed real food.  Kenyon is eating low carb right now so we were accountable to each other and passed up the chips.  We both ordered fajitas.  They were tasty!!

Well, that concludes the weekend.  I sure did have fun.  Isn’t that was life is all about?

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