My Newest Obsession

Several of the blogs I read have been raving about the new Chai products just rolled out by Celestial Seasonings.  The Dirty Chai, in particular, caught my attention.

I have heard about a dirty chai (chai tea and espresso) but never had the guts to try it.  After reading all these wonderful reviews I knew I needed to get some.  However, it is only in select stores and I’ve not yet made it over to Target to scope things out.   Earlier in the work week my coworker Ian said he had a dirty chai and really liked it.  I knew I needed to make a run to Starbucks to have my first taste. 

The verdict?

It was delicious!  It is amazing how much the spice from the chai comes out with the mix of the espresso.  Starbucks suggested two shots of espresso in their 16 ounce iced chai and that was a bit much for my taste buds. However, it grew on my fast.  It is really expensive though.  Starbucks charged $5.81 for their 16 ounce iced dirty chai.  I have several filled punch cards at Dutch Bros for a free drink so I redeemed one this morning for a dirty chai.

Dutch Bro’s espresso isn’t as bold as Starbucks.  I had two shots in this 20 ounce iced dirty chai.  Both times I had non-fat milk.  It was still very tasty.

The iced chai is a concentrate so it has sugar added.  I’ll need to be careful and not get too carried away with my new obsession.  My goal right now is to treat myself to a dirty chai whenever I have a free filled punch card to use.  I do still have a few extras saved up.  Maybe I’ll use them for a rainy day.

I still need to try a hot dirty chai.  I tend to drink iced drinks in the summer and hot drink in the winter.  I’ll have to remember to try one hot sometime soon.

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