Tuesday Musings

It’s been a busy day today and I am a little late getting a blog post written.  So far, I’ve not got much to share!

Eating went well yesterday so that is a plus.  I used some indulgence points in an iced skinny milky way on my way home from work.  I don’t often get mochas or lattes anymore but occasionally a milky way (chocolate milk and caramel) is quite delicious and decadent.  The skinny version is half chocolate milk and half fat free milk and I get sugar free caramel.  The gal was super busy yesterday working all by herself but I should have asked for less chocolate milk.  It sure did feel like a treat!


Since I had my treat already when Kenyon and I decided dinner out at Sizzler he announced he would not be getting the cheese toast and I announced I would not be getting my ice cream cone at the end of my meal.  We both stuck to our plan…success!

No activity as of yet this week.  I am happy my food is on track.  Let’s keep this rolling.

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