New Fiscal Year

Our insurance at work runs on the Fiscal Year (July 1 – June 30).  It is now time for a new benefit year, all new deductable and all new flex spending.  I’ve got several of my annual appointments coming up and some I have already scheduled.  It’s time to get serious about my health.

Last week I got an email reminding me it is time to complete my yearly survey for the National Weight Control Registry.  I’ll admit that when the email came I felt a slight but of dread because I am once again over my goal weight, and I’ve gained even more weight than last year.  I shared this with my WW Buddy Nichole.  I loved her reply:

“The NWCR survey is so important to complete.  You don’t have to be at goal.  Maintaining is freaking hard, man!  And I believe that our statistics are important to help science figure out ‘why’ maintaining is so hard.”

Thanks Nichole.  It is always about how you look at a situation that makes it manageable or not.

In the mail yesterday I received information about the Thrive Idaho Program for 2016.  I am exciting to see the program was a success and they are again offering a $250 incentive for completing the program requirements.

I’ve completed my health assessment online and a few of those answers from last year have changed.  I am still in the risk category for heart disease.  I need to get serious about this extra weight. 

 Actions speak louder than words. 


I woke up this morning with major hip pain and I am reminded that less excess around my middle will make my hips/back feel a whole lot better.  I am going to look into the CXWorks class at Axiom and also the Restorative Spine class at the West YMCA.  I need to do some serious core work and I am terrible at doing it at home.  I can’t be trusted to actually push myself!!!  I am thinking more and more I need some personal training sessions as well.  I’ll start with these classes and see if I can be accountable to myself.  If not, then I’ll explore personal training options more in depth.

I am the only one that can change things around.  It is up to me.


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Dawny said...

your friend is pretty wise,

I too just completed my national weight control registry recently, and as you know, I too am not at goal, but maintenance.. yah, it is hard MAN! phew.! life is hard.. ugh..

WAY to go accepting and acknowleding that the change is up to you! you ROCK