What I Ate Yesterday (Wednesday)

I ended up eating out for all three of my meals yesterday. I forgot to snap a photo of dinner though.

Kenyon and I went to breakfast before I headed to work and also redeemed a free meal coupon at Original Pancake House. This has been one of our go-to breakfast stops as of late. Kenyon got an omelet and subbed fruit for his side so I could have some fruit. He didn't want anything so it was mine for the taking! I got my usual with pancakes, eggs, and bacon. She asked what kind of syrup I wanted, which I didn't know they had other kinds. I went for coconut syrup.

Kenyon ate my extra bacon and I brought two pancakes home.

Lunch was at Brick 29 with my coworkers so we could meet the dispatch trainers. We had all but one trainer in attendance (night shift). It was really nice to sit down and chat with the other ladies about work and non-work stuff. I only wished we had more time.

My coworker Pam said she always gets the ham and havarti sandwich when she goes to Brick 29 for lunch. It sounded great so I had that as well. I wasn't expected the sauce to be so spicy so next time I'll have to get that on the side. I ended up not eating all the bread because it was really spicy. I chose the tomato bisque for my side and instead they brought it before the sandwich. Next time I'll ask for it with my sandwich so I can dip it. Very delicious soup. Somebody had coleslaw for their side, which looked divine, and fries, which I tried and were also yummy. I will be back!

My Grandmother is in a rehab care center after a recent back surgery. Unfortunately she isn't doing really well and it has also been taking a toll on Grandpa. Kenyon came to Nampa to meet me for dinner after my visit at the care center so we also invited Grandpa. He had never been to Texas Roadhouse so we took him there. I had the steak, baked potato, and side salad. I also ate two rolls and some peanuts. During our meal somebody came over and said she heard it was somebody's first time at Roadhouse. She gave Grandpa a bag of peanuts with a coupon for a free appetizer. He really liked it so he said he will take Grandma when she is feeling better.

I'm starting my day with a healthy breakfast and I'll pack a salad for lunch today. We go on vacation starting tomorrow afternoon. I think I've been in “vacation mode” for several weeks now.

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