It's Diet

I stopped into Albertson’s to get some food items for the Hawaiian party.  I spotted some WW members who I used to see at the Monday night meeting.  The first words out of her mouth after I said hello was, “this is diet.”  She held up her Starbucks frappuccino.  In other hand she held up a bag of pretzels and said, “this isn’t diet.”

People are funny.  I’ve gained 30 pounds since August of 2013 and clearly I am in no position to make a judgment call (well at least vocalize that judgment call) towards anybody that no longer attends a WW meeting or re-gained some/all of their weight.  I’ve heard stories of WW leaders having WW members make a u-turn in the isle at the grocery store.  You can’t help but just laugh.

After she cleared her conscious I simply said, “yum.  I love Starbucks and you have to live a little.”  I’m not sure if she was convinced by my answer because she also shared with me the PPVs of her drink.  Little did she know I was there buying two pints of sorbet and a half gallon of ice cream.  If she had spotted me first I wouldn’t have cared enough to explain why I was buying ice cream unless asked.

My sister Jenny and Hailey were helping with set-up before the party started.  Jenny said our four year old niece Emma asked her, “when are you going to lose weight?”  I’m not sure where or why Emma came up this question and I don’t think she was trying to be mean about it.  I explained the above story to Jenny and Hailey.  Hailey said, “you don’t look like you’ve gained 30 pounds.”  Jenny said “gaining only 30 pounds in that amount of time is still good.”

Once the positive comments following weight loss start to dwindle it is easy to be hyper sensitive about weight gain.  You worry that everybody notices and it makes you sometimes feel the need to rationalize your food choices.  There isn’t a need to rationalize anything.  If what you are eating makes you happy then it isn’t anybody’s business to make you feel otherwise.

I learned long ago you can’t judge anything by what you see in just one meal.

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