Wednesday Musings

Good Morning.

I woke up early and I'm craving pancakes so Keyon and I are going to go to breakfast before I head west to work. Day 2 at Nampa PD went well. We learned a lot about many of the different departments within the PD and will continue to learn more today. We are having a sit down lunch with the dispatch supervisor and trainers and I hope to meet my trainer today. We also get to tour the fire stations later today. So much excitement.

What is also causing me excitement is the size of my new locker. At ISP we had very tiny lockers. They were so tiny that my huge purses wouldn't even fit. I ended up commandeering a nearby cubby for all my coffee supplies and what not. So I am stoked! I was also just issued a locker for our workout clothes/gym time so I can move my backpack to that locker and have even more room. Oh the possibilities.

My eating these last few weeks has been really off track. In fact, I'm not even tracking! I'd like to say that I am using good WW practices and eating intuatively. I have been eating salads but I've also been eating desserts. I don't have many opportunities to eat until I'm stuff as I've always been a portion eater. However, my diet can always be cleaned up! I also have been eating out WAY TOO MUCH. My credit card bill this month is massive and I'd say at least ¾ of it is eating out. Going out for pancakes this morning isn't the best idea all around...but, I'm going anyway! And I've got a free meal coupon deal. Win:Win

I don't think I'll make it to a meeting this week which was sort of planned and why I went last Saturday. I decided I NEEDED my meeting but I also NEEDED to skip the scale. The scale number, while important, isn't what I need right now. But I needed my WW peeps and I needed the meeting. I am glad I went. I saw next to a gal that introduced herself and then wanted to know if I was a new member or if I'd been doing WW for a while. I shared my story and my photos with her and another gal. They both thanked me afterwards. One said it was very encouraging to see there is somebody that has lost over 100 pounds. The other said we had a very similar start weight.

You never know when you or your weight loss/maintenance story might impact another person. Even if your story includes re-gain, re-starting, and struggles. We are human despite wishing we were all super-human. It puts into perspective what this journey is all about. 

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