Not A Social Call

I went to the WW meeting on Saturday morning.  Despite it being 8am, it is a very lively bunch and I really like the members.  I’ve not really spent much time with the leader Maria but she also seemed pretty great.  You could tell the meeting members really enjoy her.  I also like how well she keep control of her group.

I did my WI, which I knew wouldn’t be pretty, and had a gain of 1.2 pounds.  As the receptionist was filling out a new WW booklet for me she asked, “what are you going to do this week?”  I thought to myself, didn’t really have any plans as of yet, and almost answered her.  Then I realized she was asking what I was going to do about my GAIN this week.  It is clearly not a social question.

I should have seen that one coming.  I am the type of person that doesn’t really like comments at the scale.  I have been doing this long enough that I often can be my own kick-in-the-pants so it isn’t necessary to have comments or counseling.  For others it might be helpful.  Maybe that person is drowning and needs somebody to throw them a life preserver.  Despite usually being a pretty aware person, it doesn’t mean that there are those times when I could use a friendly check-in to knock some sense into me.

I love my WW member and leader support.  I am so very lucky to have so much available to me.  All I have to do is ask.  Help is there.  I am looking forward to the shift on my first round of training at Nampa PD.  I will have Tuesday off and will be able to attend Donna’s meeting.  I can’t wait!

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