Mid-Week Check In

Good Morning.  I thought today was Thursday so I guess having yesterday off screwed me up a little.  I’ve got three workdays this week, one is overtime, and then overtime in the middle of my three day weekend.  Bring on the extra money!  I love it.  Too bad I already spend it in advance…doh!

I’m sorry to admit my eating has not been very clean lately.  I seem to start my week off strong but dwindle by weekend.  That is when I start to make really un-healthy food choices.  I keep giving myself a mini-pep talk about how staying on track is a much better idea.  However, I’m not having much success.

Thankfully the scale is at least holding steady but I’ve been back in the 200s for several weeks now.  I need to actually follow through with the goals I set and be tougher on myself.

Last night we almost ate out but ended up eating at home.  I had eaten out after an appointment yesterday and Kenyon and I ate out on Monday night.  We were thinking we might hit up Sizzler since they just started their steak and salad bar promotion for $9.99.  That is a fantastic deal.  When you add in soda for one or both of us the cost of the meal starts to increase.  I noticed I had some ground turkey that didn’t get made into the planned meatloaf and was past its date by two days.  I fixed up some mini meatloafs and thought I could freeze them if we end up out to dinner.  Kenyon thought since it was all ready to go in the oven (and I had pre-heated the oven) we might as well eat at home.


It was a good decision.  We split the last half a giant ginger cookie I got at Flying M earlier in the day.  I, of course, had already eating half of the large cookie on my own so splitting the other half was still a lot of cookie.  Boy was it delicious though.  Mmmmmmmmm……it was labeled as a vegan cookie so I’m not sure if that is why it was so soft on the inside.  The outer edges were a bit harder and it was sprinkled with large sugar bits.

Okay, now I’ve made myself crave sugar already this morning and it is only 9:30am. 

Thinking like this is what is getting me in trouble….

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