Do You Like Seeing Your Calories?

When you dine at a restaurant, do you like having the nutritional information right in front of you? 

On my recent trip to Panera Bread I instantly noticed the calorie count was listed right there on the menu.  Under normal circumstances (i.e. when I am actually tracking and paying attention to what I am eating) I would find that helpful.  However, there are those other circumstances (i.e. not actually tracking and/or wanting to splurge) that I have no desire to see those large calorie numbers staring at me.  It is as if I’m being watched by the WW Gods to make sure I chose wisely.

When it comes to splurging, there is nothing about choosing wisely.

I remember feeling this same when we were on vacation.  We were in an airport somewhere and decided on what to eat.  I thought California Pizza Kitchen sounded good until I stepped up to the menu and saw the calories listed.  I thought “well that is a bummer.  I’m on vacation!  I don’t care about calories.”

Now you see why I always gain weight on vacation eh?

On a normal circumstance I do like knowing the NI in advance.  I think it is helpful in making a healthier decision.  Obviously calories don’t tell the full story of a food but in a pinch it is better than nothing.  I prefer to know the PPVs before I eat a food vs. after.  

Unless, of course, I’m splurging.

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