Today is my Friday!!!  A Friday on a Thursday?  I’ll take it!  And, I have the next 10 days off.  Those 10 days will be filled with reunion/celebration stuff but, I know I’ll feel less stressed not having to deal with a 10-hour work day on top of everything else.

I know I’ve talked about it a little bit and next Saturday is the big day that we have been planning for since January 2014.  I am a Joyce descendant and the family ranch has been operating for 150 years.  This is the oldest working ranch in Idaho that is still in the same family lines 150 years later.  Since this is a pretty big deal, a committee of six has been meeting for several months to plan the big event along with the days before that will involve field trips to the homestead properties and to Silver City.  For the last three weeks we have been meeting weekly and last night was the last of our major meetings.  Starting next Tuesday we will be in full party mode with rentals being delivered and set up that needs to happen. 

I am an amazing party planner and this is right up my alley.  However, planning a party of this caliber has been a bit stressful.  I know I’ve been feeling it these last two weeks.  It is as if there just aren’t enough hours in the day.  I need about 10 more hours to get everything done that I needs tackled.  I’ve ended up putting exercise on the back burner and while I am still trying to make cleaning eating choices, I am not very successful at that.

I know the one thing I do have control over is what I put into my mouth.  I am going to make better food choices and not less stress drive my eating.  I don’t usually struggle with stress eating, however, I know I can feel it and I know it has detoured some of my eating.  The biggest thing that can help is having a meal plan in place.  It will be long and busy days all next week.  I’ll be moving around a lot so I expect to get some steps logged on my FitBit.  I’ll plan to pack food in the cooler so I am making the best food choices possible.

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Dawny said...

WEIGH to go!! On the planning lady!!! You'll do great. Your party sounds sooooooo fun your family is sure to enjoy b