It has been a busy morning here at work.  After 10 days off I am back at it and we are in full force over here.  Yikes!

My eating these last few weeks has not been anywhere on track nor has it been clean and good for my body.  Because of this, my clothes don’t fit well.  When I hang out in the 200s I can really feel my extra weight.  I am pretty good at rationalizing my poor eating and my increasing scale number but eventually it doesn’t feel very good.  I knew I needed to get to my WW meeting ASAP and although I was tired and just plum wore out, I forced myself to go.  I am glad I did.

I have gained four pounds over the last four weeks.  I have re-focused and had a great day of clean eating, tracking, and following Simply Filling yesterday.  I am also on track for another good day today.

Here was Monday’s food.

Breakfast: egg, egg white, frozen potatoes cooked in oil with chopped bell pepper, and honeydew.  I had a Starbucks Americano with cream during my WW meeting (1 PPV)

Snack/Lunch: roasted turkey breast, carrots, celery, and sour cream ranch dip (1 PPV)

Dinner: Red Robin chicken breast in a lettuce wrap, BBQ sauce (1 PPV), salad on the side with ranch dressing (1 PPV), few of Kenyon’s fries (2 PPV) and fry sauce (1 PPV)
Other: samples at Trader Joe’s (2 PPV)

Monday’s activity was mowing the lawn and pulling weeds.  I didn’t have much more in me.  I earned 3 APs.

Today’s food.

Breakfast: oatmeal and oat bran cooked in coconut milk (1 PPV), strawberries, chia seeds (1 PPV), brown sugar, Stevia, honey and cottage cheese.  I had coffee from home with SF hazelnut creamers (1 PPV)

Snack: cottage cheese and mango

Lunch: polenta pizza made from pre-formed polenta cooked in olive oil, spread with tomato paste and topped with pizza/Italian cheese (3 PPVs).  Salad on the side with FF Italian dressing

Dinner plans: chicken breast, corn cob, and green beans

I don’t think I’ll exercise today.  I was up a bit late last night and I think I’ll be tired and ready for an early bedtime.  We shall see.

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Dawny said...

Your clean eating/back on track foods sound to be very tasty, as well as nutritious, and I bet satiating =-) Good job ownning your choices and decions, as opposed to rationalizing them
Im super glad to hear you found strength in finding your determined self to ww =-)