Joyce Ranch 150th Celebration

Hello. I am back to reality after a very busy weekend!

I am so sorry but I didn't snap any photos of the Joyce Ranch 150th Celebration. I am posting a few that were taken by others and hopefully people will share more photos so I can add to this. I am sorry for the lack of photos. I was busy all day Saturday.

Saturday morning started at 5am when Kenyon and I woke up. We loaded up the car, went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast, and headed to Murphy.

I had no idea how my day would go after dropping all 407 alphabetized name tags as I was getting into the car. Ugh. Thankfully I was able to pick it up with minimal issues and re-organized the best I could. Then I put rubber bands on the box so that didn't happen again!

I am so thankful my cousins Ann and Mary were able to secure help with the registration table and also with parking cars. I had Kenyon lined up to help with parking and I was planning to be at the registration table to get things kicked off. The best laid plans often don't go as you plan and it was just a bit of chaos. I was all over the place. I was so happy Kenyon took this week off work along with me. He is really good at calming me down and was such a huge help. I love him so much!

I had a few moments to sit down and once dinner started my cousin Mary and her helpers made an executive decision to shut down registration and enjoy the party. That was my thinking exactly! It was a wonderful party with great food and time spent with family. It makes me sad to think by our next reunion in five years how many of the oldest generation might not be with us. Hug your loved ones.

Here are a few photos. Credit doesn't belong to me as I didn't take them.

I was so exhausted by the end of the day I could hardly move. I had my FitBit on and was surprised by how many steps/miles I walked.

On Sunday Kenyon and I woke up tired and sore barely able to move. We were both hungry and wanted pancakes so we went to Original Pancake House for sourdough pancakes and bacon. They have the BEST bacon there. It was able to revive us enough to decide to head back out to Murphy one last time for a family potluck and some clean-up and tear down.

I put on my dirty shoes one last time. It was nice to have a less formal and busy event where we could just visit and tell family stories of those we have lost. It was a very small group but a nice way to end the weekend.

I am so glad this event was a huge success and that it is all over! We had over 400 people come by on Saturday and it was a very large event to organize. I am so thankful for the help of my cousins Ann, Mary, Chad, Tiffany, and Paul.

If you would like to read more about the ranch and the family history, here is a really great article. 

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