What I Ate Yesterday: Wednesday

I had another great day of eating yesterday.  Despite doing well, the scale jumped up today.  No idea why but I’m continuing to move on through and hopefully it will pass.  The scale number is just a number and doing daily WI at home has helped me see that.  When the scale goes up two pounds overnight, you know it isn’t true gain.  Try to brush off any negative feelings and move on.

So, moving on…

Here was my food from yesterday.  I’ve been using my WPPA quite rapidly this week.

Breakfast: egg muffins with bell pepper and buffalo cheddar cheese (1 PPV), two slices toast with homemade strawberry freezer jam (1 PPV), apple on the side to take to work, coffee with Hazelnut creamer (1 PPV)

Snack: cottage cheese and mango.  My coworker made a trip to Panda Express about 10:30am so I ordered a large side of mixed veggies and a side of the brown sauce for dipping (3 PPV).  Veggies always taste better with dipping sauce.

Lunch: I made an Italian version of pasta salad.  I am sooooo in love with pasta salad these days.  Whole wheat pasta, bell pepper, kidney beans, 32 grams sliced olives (1 PPV) and 30 grams turkey pepperoni (2 PPV).  I dressed my pasta salad with fat free Italian dressing

Dinner: Repeat of sorts from last night.  Chicken breast sautéed in olive oil, corn cob, green beans, and grapes for dessert

Extras: Iced decaf Americano with sugar free caramel and cream (1 PPV)

I didn’t exercise yesterday.  I was going to go to a movie with Rebecca but when plans changed being lazy sounded better.  I was in bed by 8pm.  It was glorious.  I have plans to meet up with Phoenix for a walk after work (yeah for activity) and then plans to perhaps meet Cathy for a bite to eat.

Hope your Thursday is going well.  We are almost to the weekend.  Yeah!

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