Single Day Weekend

I am working today in exchange for taking Tuesday off.  It was a last minute switch and I am so thankful for helpful coworkers!

Since I am working today my only day off was Saturday.  So, what does a one-day-weekend look like?

Friday night I met friends for a bite to eat and a movie downtown.  Boise Classic Movies is an organization that brings classic movies (aka old movies) back for a showing on the big screen.  Friday night was Greese.  It was an interesting experience and we had a lot of fun.  They have a costume contest ahead of time and then people are singing, talking, and reciting lines during the movie.  We have plans to try and hit The Princess Bride when it comes in August.

The movie was at The Egyptian Theatre.  It is an old style two-story movie theater and I’ve only been inside a handful of times.  It sure does make for a more enjoyable classic movie feel too.


I had plans to hike Table Rock and take Rebecca out for a birthday breakfast at Goldy’s.  She wasn’t feeling well so we cancelled.  I was sort of happy because my hips/back did not really want an intense hike.  Obviously I did no other planned activity as I am 1) lazy and 2) had a million things to do.  I met Kenyon for breakfast at Cracker Barrel then spent $42 at Trader Joe’s.  I love TJ’s.  It’s like Disneyland…but with food.  I went mostly for cottage cheese (they have the best) and using the WW app was able to find lots of SF food options to buy.  I also hit up Costco and Winco.

I had an appointment to take off my gel nails.  I really like them and they look really great, until they break.  It has been happening each time I get them done and I am tired of wasting money.  A little birdie told me my nail person would be quitting to as she is moving to NV so it was sort of an easy decision to stop getting my nails done.  The money can be used elsewhere so it is the right decision.  From there I had a pedicure appointment at the Avadea Institute.  I had some fun new sandals due to arrive at my door (free shipping from The Walking Company) so I needed to pretty up my toes.  The Avadea Institute is a school so it was a fraction of the cost and I brought my own no-light gel polish.

I bought two different colors of the same sandal before I bought the flip/flop kind.  I know I’m keeping the flip flop one and the silver pair.  I am not sure yet if I should keep the pink/purple pair.  It is cute…but do I really need three?

Kenyon works every other Saturday night so I made plans for the same group of ladies (minus a few and adding one) to come over and play some games at my house.  I kept it easy with this recipe for fajitas.  It was really tasty and not very complicated so I would make it again for sure.  I’m having left over fajitas for lunch today.

I didn’t snap any photos of last night’s get together.  We had a lot of fun and played three games: Would You Rather?, which was really hard, and UNO Spin, which was really fun, and Apples to Apples, which I really liked.  We are going to see if we can get a group together to try Cards Against Humanity, which is supposed to be really great.

It was an enjoyable day off and now I’m back at it.  I’m a bit sleepy though….zzzzz…..

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