The Hips Don't Lie

I am fully aware I stole this blog title from a Shakira song.

In May I made an appointment with the St. Alphonsus Spine Center to discuss my back issues and get another opinion.  That resulted in another round of PT, which I had four visits in June.  My back was feeling pretty good up until the 150th Celebration where the doctor says "I had an exasperation” that would take 10-14 days to clam back down.  In the meantime she suggested going back to PT for some refresh sessions.
I had not planned to quit going to PT per se.  Yes, my back was feeling better and after four visits I actually had virtually no pain.  However, my work shift changed and I was now only off during the day on Mondays.  We have a rotating schedule where I work one Monday a month, which complicates things even more.  It has been hard to get in for an appointment. 
When I was going to PT in June we discussed my poor hip alignment and once she was able to get that straightened out (pun intended) I felt tons better.  I knew immediately when my pain came back that my hips were again out of alignment.  And boy were they out of alignment, my left one was worse than my right one.  She was able to get me fixed up but the fix was only temporary.  As much as I try to keep things aligned my body just doesn’t want to cooperate. 
My body really likes its old bad behaviors. 
I told my Mom on the phone that my hips' comfort zone is my body's UNcomfort zone. 
Sadly, I was not able to get an appointment today since I am working but I’ve got one schedule for next Monday.  I’m not sleeping very good since Saturday and my hip pain is pretty bad.  I just hate how uncomfortable it is when sleeping/rolling over.  My cleep is pretty poor these days.  It doesn’t help that I also have more around my middle than in the past. 
If it isn’t one thing it’s another eh?  There will always be something that gets in the way of our goals.  You just gotta be stronger than whatever it is and continue to power through to the best of your ability.

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