Monday On A Tuesday

Good Morning.  I’m starting my work week off today.  Yeeeehaaaaw.

I took a two hour nap yesterday afternoon.  It wasn’t quite planned and I knew it might mess with my early bedtime.  However, with Kenyon on night shift and me on day shift it is quite tempting to snuggle whenever he is in bed.  I was tired so it didn’t take long to fall asleep.  After my nap I made some sloppy joe lentils for dinner and prepped my lunch for today (taco salad).  I’ll post the recipe for sloppy joe lentils soon.

Since I napped I stayed up to watch The Bachelorette.  This season is an interesting one and despite all the cliff hangers and the craziness, I still faithfully watch each week.  One of the guys I was rooting for was eliminated.  I didn’t see Kaitlyn with him but I was still rooting for him.  I don’t really have a favorite this season and it will be interesting to see what ends up happening.  This is one crazy season!

On Sunday at work I walked on our console treadmill for 2.5 miles.  You have to walk a slow pace in order to talk on the radio, use the left mouse for the radio (since you can’t use the foot pedal), the right mouse for the computer, and also type.  Then if you have to use the phone it is a bit of reach.  After using it on Sunday though I am much more comfortable though and I packed my tennis shoes with plans to walk today at work.  

On Sunday my FitBit hit 10,000 steps.  Yeah!  A normal workday with not activity is 2,500 steps.  On Monday the WW leader gave me a suggestion to walk forward/backwards in front of the TV.  I logged 45 minutes of TV watching/walking and also earned 10,000 steps at the end of my day. 

I had a great day of eating yesterday and was able to do all SF and used 4 WPPA.  I have plans to meet a friend and her newish boyfriend (I’ve not met him yet) at PF Chang.  I did some looking at the nutrition and wrote down the PPVs for some dishes. 

Either I’ll share a dish with Kenyon or plan to talk half home.  I know for sure I’m ordering the spicy green beans.  They are my favorite when I go to a couple of our Chinese buffets in the area.  A small order is 4 PPVs.  I am looking forward to the evening and the company as well as the atmosphere.  We never really go out to eat downtown and although tomorrow is a work day I am still looking forward to our double date.


Amy B. said...

You're doing great Lindsay, keep going! You're always so positive too, even if you're in a funk you know it's just temporary, it's very motivating.

Dawny said...

way to go getting back on track!!! I know how that makes you feel! your an awesome and strong person! so proud to be your friend