What I Ate Yesterday (Monday)


I don’t have much to report.  I’m not sure if I’m tired or in a bad mood or what.  I am feeling a bit off this week and just not my usual self.

I had a mostly SF day but after I figured up the extras on some of my meals it meant I used 12 WPPA.  When I refigured the day using PPVs and I used 6 WPPA.  So yesterday turned into a PPV day.

I had a cesear salad from Wendy’s with grilled chicken, parmesan cheese, and one packet of the salad dressing it comes with.  I figured the chicken and lettuce was SF but then dressing and parmesan was 5 PPVs.

We went to Cracker Barrel for dinner.  I tried one of the Wholesome Fixin’ meals.  The Apple Cider BBQ Chicken Breast with Apple Chutney which I had along with steamed broccoli and the brown rice.  The rice was soooo good and it’s SF.  I had the chutney on the side and didn’t eat any of it.  I counted 1 PPV for the BBQ sauce and since the WW app said the broccoli wasn’t SF I counted 1 PPV for it too.  I would order this again for sure and I think I’d also have the BBQ on the side so I could add my own.

I had eggs and potatoes for breakfast and a cottage cheese with berries for a snack.

My hands made their way into some candy/chocolate chip bits in the break room in the afternoon.  I counted as 3 PPVs.  Coffee creamer and ice coffee with cream were both 1 PPV each.  The day of extras really added up quick.

I was about the same weight as yesterday.  I am eager for the scale to continue going back down.  I know I need to move more.  My activity has been really low both last week and this week.  Not sure when I’ll have some time to carve out.  I’m super busy right now, but I know that isn’t’ an excuse.

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