Spokane Day Two: Dawny Completes Her Second Half Marathon

Day Two in Spokane was so much fun. I've never been a spectator at a race and I had an absolute blast! It was another early wake up call with Dawny having to be at the race start at 7am. We met at the hotel and I bid her farewell wishing her good luck!

My plan was to be on the race course at least twice and then at the finish. There wouldn't have been enough time to get to the third spot and still to the finish. The night before I prepared my fun signs...

And my signs for Dawny...

Kenyon gave me the idea to use both sides of the signs. I gotta say my funny signs got lot a lot of laughs, which is what I was hoping for. It could have gone either way. I had a few take my picture and several thank me for being there to support. I have to do this more often!

I saw Dawny between miles 4 and 5 first. She was looking strong and having fun.

I saw Dawny again between mile 9 and 10. She was hurting! I was so impressed with this girl's will to continue. She isn't a quitter. I had put taken two bananas from the hotel breakfast incase Dawny needed something after her finish. Just incase I put them into my bag and offered them up. She said it was exactly what she needed to continue on. You Go Girl!

I made my way to the finish line and spotted Dawny's sister-in-law, her niece and nephew, and her friend Rachel and daughter. It was great to see she had support after 13.1 miles in the hot morning sun. We waited eagerly to see her and soon enough we spotted that tye dye shirt (which by the way was awesome for spotting somebody during a race).

Congrats Dawny!!!! I am so very proud of your accomplishment. You are one tough cookie.

The rest of the afternoon was sort of chill. We went to the pizza buffet at Roundtable Pizza where I ate like I had just walked 13.1 miles. We visited Dawny's husband Ted at his place of business. If you live in Spokane, go and visit NW Citrus Plus. It is amazing!!!

Then we relaxed at the hotel for a bit. We all knew we either needed to get moving or nap but the consensus was if we napped we might not go to sleep later. We decided to drive into Coeur d' Alene to show Dawny around the resort. The beach was packed and we people watched for a bit. I loved waving at the people in boats coming into the dock.

I really wanted to get a Gooey's dessert at the Dockside but we passed. Maybe the next trip. We met up with Dawny's husband for dinner at Golden Corral. Oh man did I over do it. This was the only time of the entire trip where I majorly over did it with my food and felt sick and miserable after. Ugh. Must remember food is not worth it!

We will head for home in a few hours. Kenyon is still snoozing.

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Dawny said...

your the best, you made this weekend a sure big surprise, and a TON of fun, it's certainly more awesome having a cheerleading fan club along the race!!

Im thankfully LUCKY to have such an amazing person a part of my life!!