Can Somebody Get Me A Salad Please

I made the decision on Saturday to skip the official WW scale and just do my daily WI on my home scale.  I saw my weight slowly creep up from Wednesday through Saturday, which I am sure was due to my higher PPV food choices and my lack of clean eating.  My eating actually got pretty sad as this week continued.  Today I vow to CLEAN IT UP!

My new WI day will be Monday, just not today since I am working this Monday.  Today, I am going to re-start my WW week with a fresh tracker and a fresh start.  I am craving a big ‘ol salad for lunch!!! 

My Happy Scale has still been happy despite my crazy eating the last few days.  My 7 day total is now showing stable.  My 30 day total is still showing a loss of 4.2 pounds.  My overall total is still showing a gain of 1.2 pounds.  I am very happy with these results.  I have been back in the 200s though so I am working to bring the scale back down.  I don’t have as quite a busy week as I had last week but I do still have quite a bit packed into it.  I am not sure yet what my week holds for activity.  I need to be super in-check with my food choices though.

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