Double Date At PF Chang

Happy Wednesday, half way through the work week.

I had a great time last night meeting up with my friend Jenny and her boyfriend Noel.  It was wonderful to meet Noel and I can’t believe it has been six months since they started dating.  The dinner at PF Chang was delicious, however, the air conditioner had died prior to our visit and it was HOT.  If I’m hot I know my husband is dying as he is always hot and I am always cold.

I pre-planned some main dish ideas ahead of time but I wasn’t sure if I would partake in a cocktail or not.  Jenny and I were both asking each other if we were going to order a drink.  I asked her, “should I be social and get a glass of wine or should I be a dud and just drink water?”  She suggested ordering a glass of wine.  The WW-er in me knew that would just be extra PPVs but honesty, I love the social aspect of having a drink with friends.  I don’t drink at home and since Kenyon doesn’t drink we don’t go out much socially in these types of settings.  I absolutely loved having another couple to have a double date with.  It was so much fun.  Part of that is social and drinking.  I will always be at odds with what I “should” do and what I “want” to do.

The want side of me won and I ordered a glass of wine.  It was the right decision, even though it cost me another 5 PPVs.

Noel made a joke at the exact time Kenyon was going to take our photo.  My lovely husband snapped the photo anyway.  Thanks Kenyon.  I can always count on you for the money shot!

Kenyon has a shellfish allergy and I knew that some of the sauces have oyster sauce.  We discussed this with the waiter and he brought over a menu with some “safe” items to eat.  Kenyon ordered his dish and I ordered mine (I didn’t really want what he ordered).  I went for the Ginger Chicken and Broccoli along with a small side of the Spicy Green Beans.  I had a little bit of brown rice as well.  It was delicious.

I picked out the broccoli and ate half the chicken so I’ve got chicken left over as well as some brown rice for another meal.  I would order the Ginger Chicken again.  The whole dish is 11 PPVs.

I used 18 PPVs at dinner and I had 15 DPA left so I used 3 WPPA.  I had walked in the treadmill at work over an hour and 2.33 miles.  I earned 2 APs.  By the end of my day I was again over 10,000 steps.  This makes three days in a row.  I’ve got my tennis shoes here at work and am sitting on the side of the room with the treadmill so I’m going for day four of 10,000 steps.

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