When All Signs Point To No

Good Morning.  I totally thought it was Friday when I woke up. 

Then I realized it was Thursday and I still had two days left this week.

Well bummer!

So here I am on a Thursday and not Friday.  We have been busy this morning at work.

Do you ever have one of those incidences where all signs point to NO and yet you do it anyway?  That happened to me last night.

I had stayed later than expected at our final wrap-up reunion planning meeting from our big 150th celebration a few weeks ago.  My cousin Ann brought tri-tip and it took FOREVER to cook/make dinner.  So I didn’t end up leaving Murphy to close to 8:30pm and it is an hour drive at least.  Ugh.

That feeling of wanting dessert set in as I was leaving the ranch.  I knew it would as I’d had a very high-caloric-taste-bud-enticing meal and I always want to follow that up with dessert.  I was trying really hard to prep myself to just go home.  I chewed some gum and thought about driving around the Arctic Circle (as in taking a detour, not driving around and around in the parking lot).  I finally convinced myself to drive by and see how long the drive-thru line was. 

The drive-thru line was ridiculously long, however, there looked to be nobody inside waiting to order.  Score!  I made my turn into the main parking lot to then tried to turn into the Arctic Circle parking lot but the cars from the drive-thru were blocking the entrance.  This was very rude and inconvenient.  Of course I still parked, just on the other side of the building, and went inside to order my Reeses Peanut Butter Cup shake.

Warning flag number one was driving by Arctic Circle.  Warning flag number two was not leaving once the entrance was blocked.  Warning flag number three…

…I hit EVERY red light driving home.  All eleven of them.


Why when all signs point to one direction do we feel the need to travel another direction?  To add insult to injury the shake wasn’t as good as usual as it was lacking large chunks of Reeses.  So stopping at eating only half was pretty easy.


Track it and move on.  Today is a new day (which is not Friday).

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Dawny said...

I KNOW you were NOT gigglng, but.. thanks for making me giggle this evening