I Got Nothin'

I don’t really have any blog content today.  I am unprepared with a topic and I am pretty boring this week.

Tomorrow is my last day at ISP.  I’ll write more on that tomorrow (hey, some blog content).  We are having a Tiny Hat Party.  Since I love tiny hats so much I am bringing in my tiny hats for people to wear.  You know you have a lot of tiny hats when I can’t even decide which I want to wear!


Since this is my last Saturday off for a while (not sure yet on my training schedule) I am going to take in the Farmer’s Market.  I am also dying to have more of the decaf coffee from Big City Coffee.  Maybe I can get there early enough to beat the crowds and buy a few bags.  The line is too long to wait in to purchase some coffee.  It is pretty tasty though.

I’ve got a pedicure appointment this Saturday so my toes are pretty for our trip to New Mexico next weekend.  I am looking forward to spending time with Kenyon and meeting more of his extended family.  I’ll also get to see my in-laws and we are staying with my aunt Barb. 

I’ve got all day Sunday off and so far I’m not sure yet of my plans.  Maybe I’ll take in a movie.  Maybe I’ll just veg in front of the TV.  We shall see.

See, I told you I got nothin’.

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