Mid-Week Wednesday



I was up late last night babysitting Jamie’s girls.  Those girls crack me up.  They play games with the weirdest rules (I think they make them up) so I can never understand enough of the rules to play along.  10 year old Veronica told me, “You can’t teach an older woman new tricks.”  Well then.

We met up with Kenyon and took the girls to see Tomorrowland at Overland Park Cinema.  It is an interesting concept but quite slow.  I am not sure Audrey really liked it but Veronica did.  Those girls love science and learning.  It reminded me of that old TV show Small Wonder about the child robot.  Again, interesting concept.

I’ve been working on better back health these last few days.  I saw the back doctor on Monday.  My PT didn’t quite get scheduled correctly so I had to miss that.  I need to make a better effort at my at-home PT exercises so I can stop wasting everybody’s time.  Why go to PT if I’m not going to do my part?  My goal is to do my PT exercises everyday (at least once but will try for twice a day) until I see the back doctor again in a month.  She also suggested a SI belt to help secure the hips while we are trying to get them to realign.  I had hopes for it also helping me to sleep better.  The belt can be worn all the time; however, it isn’t very comfortable when sitting.  And it makes my muffin top waaaaaay worse.  I am almost embarrassed to leave the house with that under my clothes.  I’d rather wear it on the outside of my clothes!  For the last two days I have worn it just at night.  I am not sure yet if it is helping but I’ll keep with it for now.

Let’s see, what else….I’ve been working on tracking my food and eating better.  I have also been getting in some activity.  I went for a walk around the complex where I was waiting for my PT appointment.  The scenery is really pretty.

I was trying to sneak up on the crane but it flew away

These signs crack me up.  Who would put a boat in the middle of a pond at a hospital complex?

I also logged 3.5 miles on the treadmill console at work yesterday.  I’ve got some plans after work for a dinner outing so I’m not sure how much time I’ll have today. I’ll see what I can do.  Every little bit adds up.  For sure I’ll get those back exercises in!  I am committed to doing that daily and this morning I slept in late and ran out of time.

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