Last Full Day At ISP

It’s Tiny Hat Party Day!!!

And it’s mustache day.

Today is my last full shift working for Idaho State Police.  It is a happy day thought as I am excited for this new opportunity.  Change isn’t easy and I’ll miss my coworkers and my troopers.

When I came to ISP I wanted to set down some roots and stick around for a while.  I worked at Boise State University for several years but in three different offices.  Then I worked for Idaho Department of Correction in three different prisons/work centers.  It felt like a lot of moving around so I was looking forward to being in one place.  There have been many ups and a few downs along my nine and a half years with this agency.

I have learned so much about myself and I have grown up as an individual.  I still have flaws and I still struggle.   However, I am not the same immature person I once was.  I am hoping I my experience in law enforcement and dispatch will help me to succeed in this new venture.  I want to be the best employee I can for the Nampa Police Department.

I’ll post photos of our fun today.  We are having a BBQ at 1pm to celebrate.  I just need the clock to move faster!

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