The Final Saturday

Yesterday was my last Saturday off for at least five weeks.  We are going to New Mexico next Saturday and my first round of training at Nampa PD has me working on Saturdays.  I decided I would do whatever I wanted to on my Final Saturday and taking myself out to breakfast and walking around the Farmer’s Market sounded like the perfect plan.  After my WW meeting I went downtown to Big City Coffee.  I had been there with Mark a few weeks ago and fell in love with their decaf coffee.  The only problem is the line is always huge and I never want to wait for just a cup of coffee.  I went back for breakfast AND a can of coffee to take home.  Win:Win.

The pastries look AMAZING!

After breakfast I went to the Farmer’s Market.  The particular stand I was looking for wasn’t there.  I continued to Trader Joe’s for a few items and then wondered through the other side of the Farmer’s Market on my way back to the car.  After seeing several bags of kettle corn pass by me I decided to make my way to the end and get a small bag.  Good thing I got in some extra steps!

I had a clothing order to pick up at JcPenney’s and found the same type of exercise shorts I bought online at the store on clearance.  Score!  I’ll just return the higher priced shorts.  I headed home for all of a few minutes and then ventured back out to my pedicure appointment.

I love pretty toes with summer sandals and I am not very good at painting mine.  I went to the Aveda Institute (beauty school) near my house three weeks ago and loved it so I went back again today.  For $25, including tip, I bring my own no light gel polish and my toes stay pretty for at least two to three weeks.  Since we are headed to NM next weekend this was my best opportunity to get my polish freshened up.

I ended my Final Saturday at work (YES!!) for my last 4 hour OT shift.  I had already signed up for this overtime and didn’t want to leave my agency in a bind.  So despite having my last full day yesterday (and our Tiny Hat Party - I’ll fill you in on). 

I officially wrapped up my time with Idaho State Police and as a State of Idaho Employee.

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