Foodie Weekend: Part One

Good Morning!!! I had an enjoyable weekend full of food, friends, and fun! I am not quite back to my work week and today is full of appointments. Having only Monday off means you gotta pack it in the one day most offices are open.

Friday night was my only low key day. I hung at home and vegged in front of the TV. Saturday I went to my WW meeting and was happy to see Donna was the sub for the regular leader. I love getting any opportunity I can to see Donna. We visited for a while after the meeting and then I headed downtown to meet Mark. We had breakfast at this coffee shop called Big City Coffee. The line was HUGE and while the coffee shop/restaurant is large it is very tight and they really pack them in. With it being Saturday and already 10am when we met it was a madhouse. We will have to go early next time.

I went planning to have one of their ridiculously large cinnamon rolls. While waiting in line I started to think I might need something more than just a big dose of sugar and coffee. I also ordered a meal. It would have been a lot of food to begin with but then they messed up my order so there was three times as much food as I needed.

I took the leftovers home to Kenyon and he ate the eggs and bacon. I think he ate the toast because I don't see it on the kitchen counter. I didn't want potatoes to begin with (I ordered eggs and bacon but they brought me eggs and potatoes) so I threw them away.  Mark and I made a small dent in the cinnamon roll.  I brought it home but threw it away as well. Kenyon is really working hard on low carb and I had many more indulgences ahead of me for the weekend.

I got my hair cut and visited with my coworker Jamee who had a new baby three weeks ago. Baby Jayton is adorable. I could stare at the kid all day. He looks like a tiny old man. I wouldn't want to do the kid thing 24/7 so I enjoyed my hour holding him and drinking in his tiny baby smell. Man he is cute.  I swung by SouperSalad on my way home. They had a really great soup I'd not tried yet.

Saturday night I had just sat down to watch TV when Jamie called (friend Jamie not coworker Jamee I just saw) and asked if I wanted to go to Hyde Park to Java Cafe for a free latte. Why not! Java Cafe was doing this free promotion so their baristas could work on their coffee art technique.

Jamie's girls are headed to a camp this week so we went downtown to pick up something for a care package and saw the Twilight Criterium was going on. I've never been to this biking event and it has been going on for several years. It is held in downtown Boise and they block off several blocks so the bicyclist can ride around in circles at a fast rate of speed. We watched for a while on an inside corner. It makes my heart beat fast hoping nobody crashes (thankfully none did). I also did some video of slow motion. I'll see if I can get it in the blog post.

At The Record Exchange they have chalkboards in the bathroom.

We were on the inner circle where there was a beer garden so we had a beer and watched the final 13 laps. You can hardly see the riders who are just a string of color behind us in this photo.

We ended our night at Cheesecake Factory where we shared Asian lettuce wrap chicken tacos, brown bread, butter, and a slice of cheesecake. Jamie told me if we ordered cheesecake to share I wasn't allowed to feel guilty on Sunday. Works for me!

I have lots more to share but I need to get on the road. In true Bacholorette fashion (it is Bachelorette Monday) To Be Continued...

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